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  • How do I enter a competition?
    All of our competitions are hosted on the website. As new competitions become available they will be shared through Legendary Prizes on social media and our website. You will be able to enter with either an email address or by logging into Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Steam.
  • How do I increase my chances of winning?
    Each competition has multiple ways of gaining more entries, such as signing in with different social media accounts, visiting our website and retweeting the competition on Twitter.
  • How do you select a winner?
    Winners are selected randomly from the total number of entries. It's important to us that the process of selecting a winner is transparent, that's why we use Gleam's trusted service.
  • I won a competition! When will I receive my prize?
    You will be contacted by email within 24 hours after the competition's end date. Once you have confirmed either your postal address or e-mail address, a physical prize will be shipped to you via Australia Post or a digital prize will be sent to your inbox within a few business days.
  • Why are your competitions only for residents of Australia and New Zealand?
    We would love to offer our competitions to everyone, but at this point in time we're keeping the entries strictly local due to international shipping costs. We also source most of our prizes from Australian retailers, and this would mean that you may encounter region specific problems such as redeeming DLC.
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